Sharing happiness by keeping life sweet one mithai (sweet) at a time.

Life has many happy little moments but sometimes we forget to share or indulge in them. Good news deserves great mithai – a little box of love that takes you a long way.

The original sweets have been a mark of celebration for many years. Known as the champagne of Indian sweets with its rich texture and enlivening taste, it has served as the perfect companion to every occasion.    

Although recently established, the family has existed for many generations tracing back to a time when mithai was being made as a simple household item. Some things mature with age, and our recipe has continued to impress the millennial of the present along with the traditional folk of the past.

After having personally enjoyed creating mithai for over 50 years, we want to share our happiness and history with you, hoping to make those moments worth cherishing, increasingly memorable.