Sharing Happiness in Mumbai, India

Read our heart touching story about sharing happiness with a child in Mumbai. The smallest gestures can make for the biggest smiles.

Sharing Happiness in Mumbai, India

India - Mumbai - 19th November 2018 - 16:15pm

We’ve just come out of a store called Tirumala, my dad, brother and uncle are a bit hungry so we came out for some food and we spotted a dominos not too far from where we were shopping.

When we arrived there was a little boy standing outside with ragged shorts and a T-shirt without shoes. The boy was asking everyone who walked “phooga dehna” which means give me a balloon. Mostly he was ignored, I personally don’t have the heart to ignore children like that. I didn’t quite understand him straight away, so I was trying to figure out if he was hungry or not. He didn’t want the food he wanted the balloon.

The manager of dominos went out to throw some boxes, he said no to the little boy for the balloons and waddled him on. The little boy came back and pressed himself against the glass of the store and was staring at the balloons.

I asked the manager inside if I could have some of their balloons they hung up for a party that was happening later on in the day. He said no, we said it’s for the little boy outside can we please just have the balloons. He pulled down three.

By the time I got them and turned around, he was gone. I went outside with them and walked a little further down and I found him with his mother sitting by a fly-over. He saw me with them and he had the biggest smile ever! He was so happy with just three balloons.

I waved bye and went back on my way.

- Be kind to people. The smallest things can make the biggest difference to them. Sharing happiness can come in many different forms ❤️